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    Rousseau Workstation

Rousseau Workbench with Overhead Light



New RousseauWorkbench

60"L x 30"w x 80"h (Approx.)


(1) Electrical Closed Leg 27"d x 32"h, Left

(1) Housing 18"w x 27"d x 28"h, Lock

(1) Laminated Hardwood Top 60"w x 30"d, Radius Front Edge

(1) Cabinet Base 18"w x 27"d x 4"h

(2) Drawer 18"w x 27"d x 6"h

(1) Drawer 18"w x 27"d x 12"h

(1) Double Unit Frame 56"w x 48"h

(1) Cantilever Overhead Supports 26"d

(1) Overhead LED Workstation Light 60"w

(1) Tackboard and Marker Panel 24"w x 24"h

(1) Panel Bracket Kit

(1) Power Outlet Channel 28"w

(1) Plastic Bin Rail 28"w

(3) Plastic Bin 3"w x 3"d x 3"h

(1) Utility Panel 28"w x 24"h

(1) Tiltable Shelf 28"w x 12"d

(4) Heavy-Duty Square Hook 6"L

(2) Heavy-Duty Round Hook 6"L

(1) Screwdriver Holder 9"w x 1-1/2"d x 2", Single

(1) Storage Cabinet 28"w x 15"d x 16"h

(1) Retractable Door for Cabinet 28"w x 16"h, Lock

Last one! Subject to availability.

Sold As Is. This Cabinet May Have Minor Blemishes or Imperfections, but is Still Fully Functioning. No Returns Accepted for Sale Items.


Lead Time: 48 - 72 Hours
Vendor: Rousseau

250 Cape Highway, Suite 1, East Taunton, MA 02718
Toll Free: (800) 564-0152
Phone: (508)-823-6260

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