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Storage Solutions

Selective Rack

selective rack for use in a warehouse
  • Fast and Easy Assembly

  • Optimal Accessibility

  • Multiple Configuration Options

  • Large Storage Quantities

  • Simple Stock Management

  • Wide Range of Accessories

  • 40 Foot Continuous Capabilities



vna very narrow asile racking systems

VNA Application

The most popular, Selective Rack, is efficient for everything from basic pallet and box storage to automated storage and retrieval systems. It offers the best solution for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods. Built stronger, tighter and more versatile, this rack is designed for immediate access of all pallets, easy installation and reconfiguration. This type of rack can be configured for a variety of uses and allows for storage of large quantities of pallets. Configurations can be single deep, double deep, or VNA (vary narrow aisle) and are adaptable to any product size, volume or weight. Selective Rack is available in a wide range of sizes and has an extensive line of accessories that meet any specific requirements. Most brands manufactured are interchangeable which allow customers to easily added components to existing systems. Designs are available in roll-formed or structural steel, bolted or welded frames and have multiple color options. The most rigid and reliable structure available. You can feel secure for decades of trouble-free performance.

Structural Rack

selective racking
  • Maximum Strength

  • Heavy Duty Storage

  • Abuse Resistant

  • Higher Load Tolerance

  • Easily Accessible

  • Durable

  • Efficient in Inventory Control

Structural Rack offers a wide range of versatility. Designed with high strength, structural rack doubles the benefits of standard rack. Welded frames with bolted connections give this rack a superior performance and provides the capability to withstand wear and tear in facilities with high abuse, harsh environments or heavy load applications. This option enhances stability and duration resulting in increased safety, lower maintenance costs and longer service life. With one of the highest weight ratings, the increased rack capacity makes for a more efficient warehouse space. Structural Rack is popular for use in distribution centers, freezers and coolers. Ideal for Push-Back Rack, Pallet Flow and Drive-In/Drive-Thru systems.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack storage solution material handling
  • Strong, Safe and Adjustable

  • Fast Installation and Easy Reconfiguration

  • Maximum Versatility

  • Stores Long Bulky Items and Saves Space

  • Easy Loading and Unloading

  • Instant Access to Individual Pieces or a Full Load

  • Drop In and Spring Loaded Entry Guides Provide Safety and Protection

  • Fully Customizable

  • Multiple Designs Available

Cantilever Rack is a freestanding storage unit allowing for optimal flexibility to maximize space. Engineered to create unlimited horizontal space and uninterrupted storage of long length material. With Cantilever Rack there are no obstructing aisle uprights, so you can store long, bulky and even awkward products easily. This rack is the ideal storage solution for carpet, furniture, tubing, piping and lumber. Cantilever comes in a full range of capacities from light duty to heavy duty, standard to seismic, and is available in single and double entry units.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack in Massachusetts   
  • Drop-in Design

  • Easy Installation and Reconfiguration into Existing Systems

  • Organize and Condense Inventory

  • Utilizes Space and Increases Productivity

  • Ensures FIFO (First-in/First-Out) Rotation

  • Designed for Single or Multi-level Operations

  • Full or Split Case/Carton Picking

Enhance the efficiency of your operation with Carton Flow Rack. This picking system utilize gravity using slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms to deliver the product to the picker, ensuring high efficiency and visibility. Its first-in/first-out retrieval system assures product freshness and saves labor costs 25 to 75 percent. Carton Flow Rack eliminates congestion and confusion with dedicated stock/retrieval aisles and minimizes stockouts through high visibility. Ideal for use in warehouses storing mass consumer goods, food distributors, and pharmaceuticals.

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack
  • Full Pallet Loads & High Volume Storage with Fewer Aisles

  • Double or Triple Load Capacities

  • Efficient for Multiple Order Picking Levels

  • First-in/First-out Retrieval System

  • Vast Layout Capabilities

  • Saves in Space, Manpower and Time when Manipulating Pallets


Pallet Flow rack is a high-density system that allows for more storage and fewer aisles. Harnessed by gravity, pallets are loaded on one side and glide gently through to the other side for retrieval. This system stores pallets back to back maximizing the utilization of warehouse floor space. Pallet Flow Rack is suitably designed for high volume consumer goods, food distribution, freezer warehouses and all varieties of order picking with FIFO stock rotation. Engineered for integration with standard pallet rack or into an automated storage and retrieval system for maximum efficiency.

Push Back Rack

Push Back Rack warehouse storage system
  •  Saves Space and Increases Storage Density

  • Forklift Drivers Never Enter the Rack Structure

  • Utilizes Floor Space

  • Store a Variety of SKUs on Different Levels

  • Same Aisle Loading and Unloading

  • LIFO (Last-in/First-out) Inventory Control

  • Minimal Space Required for Nesting Carts

Push Back Rack, a form of Pallet Flow Rack, uses telescoping tracks to provide high-density storage. Depth configurations from 2 pallets deep up to 6 pallets deep. Lanes flow independently of each other with vertical storage operating separately from lanes below. You will find this rack reduces picking times and increases throughput storage and retrieval situations, making it ideal for operations requiring a large number of picking faces with fewer aisles. Better use of space with up to 75% more product storage than selective rack systems. The Push Back system allows multiple product storage configurations to ensure optimal selectivity and helps to prevent damage to the rack structure through reduced loading friction.


Drive-In Drive-Thru racking

  • Cost Effective

  • High Rigidity and Strength

  • Optimize Space

  • High Volume, Low SKU

  • Designed for Function, Looks and Long Life

  • Specifically for Uniform Pallet Loads

  • Highly Customizable

  • Adaptable to FIFO and LIFO Systems


In Drive-in/Drive-thru Rack systems products are stored several pallets deep and lift equipment enters the structure to store and retrieve product. This time-proven, high-density rack is ideally useful for low rotation products with a large number of pallets stored. With the capability to store six, seven or more pallets deep, Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack allows for fewer aisles and up to 75 percent more storage. Drive-In Rack uses one common aisle for entry and exit providing a Last-in/First-out (LIFO) inventory system, whereas Drive-Thru uses separate entry and exit aisles for a First-in/First-out (FIFO) system. Both reduce the number of aisles and maximize use of warehouse space. This system is subject to more abuse than other rack systems since lift equipment enters the structure.

Pick Modules

Pick Modules for warehouse systems
  • Integrated Storage and Picking

  • Maximizes Facility Space

  • Multi-level Picking Configurations

  • Dense Product Storage

  • Tighter Inventory Control

  • Optimizes Product Flow

  • Reduces Congestion and Product Handling


If your operations are aimed toward high throughput, high SKU traffic or substantial expansion, a Pick Module system is an ideal solution. With combined elements of rack and conveyor components, this option is flexible, quick and efficient when it comes to completing orders. Designed to customize your specific requirements, Pick Modules allow you to readily store and pick everything from single pieces, cartons to full pallets.


Mezzanines available in MA
  • Incredible Versatility

  • Easy to Install, Move and Expand

  • Utilizes Maximum Height of Warehouse

  • Double or Triple Floor Space

  • Configured to Almost Any Size

  • Tax Advantages

  • Energy Savings

Mezzanines are available in multiple designs, free-standing, rack or shelving supported, and even building supported. This type of system is available in a wide range of sizes, has many different flooring types to choose from, and has a large selection of accessories, making it customized to fit your specific needs. Mezzanines can double or triple your surface area and can be added to new or existing warehouses. Unlike permanent construction, adding a mezzanine to your operation gives you the ease of additional storage and work space that is cost efficient. A plus for any growing business!

Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span Shelving Systems
  • Adaptable, Rigid and Secure

  • Cost Effective

  • Store High, Wide or Bulky Loads

  • Ideal Medium to Heavy Duty Products

  • Double Entry Access

  • Accepts Particle Board, Plywood or Steel Decking

  • Single or Multi-level Configurations


More commonly known as Bulk Rack, this industrial strength shelving provides complete versatility for medium to heavy loads. Ideal for use when your needs are in between conventional shelving and pallet rack applications. Wide Span Shelving is designed for manual storage and picking, ideal for limited rotation with a high number of references. Available in a variety of sizes and capabilities.

Clip-Type Shelving

Clip-Type Shelving
  • More Economical

  • Unlimited Combinations

  • Greater Accessibility

  • Simple and Flexible

  • Accessories Available

   warehouse shelves

Clip-Type Shelving comes in many sizes and is available in closed or open designs. Open shelves have side and back braces for added stability. Designed exceptionably for small to medium load capacities, and additions can be made to include multi-tiers, stairways and catwalks. When inventory requirements change, units are easily moved to accommodate your new needs. This type of shelving is ideal for many applications, such as storage areas, supply closets, or even utility and mail rooms.

Wire Shelving

wire shelving for air circulation
  • Maximum Visibility

  • Superior Air Circulation

  • Reduces Dust Buildup

  • NSF Approved


Wire Shelving is adjustable and highly versatile, making it great for any industry. Assembly is quick and easily performed without tools, reducing labor for cost efficiency. Shelves typically use particle board for surface area and can be added or removed for simple alterations to meeting changing requirements. Units come stationary or mobile and can be set up in numerous configurations to accommodate your products. A wide variety of accessories are available to customize your company's specific needs.

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